Frequently Asked Questions

As a developer, when will I have access to Connected Panel™ specifications?

The API and SDK technical specifications for Connected Panel are available now. If you have questions about becoming a Connected Panel partner or would like to receive the API data, please fill out our Contact form here:

The power of Connected Panel comes from all the Connected Panel partners developing hardware and software solutions that incorporate this exciting new technology.

There are no licensing or royalty fees associated with the API.

Do you have any information available for panel upgrade planning purposes?

Connected Panel is now shipping. Please contact your Aspen authorized dealer to plan your unique installation.

The CG100 Connected Gateway hardware box (this box is blind-mounted behind the panel) has these general specifications:

  • Width: 7.22 inches (including mounting flanges)
  • Height: 1.54 inches
  • Overall depth: 4.28 inches (measured at base)
  • Weight: 1.0 pounds

Do you have a Connected Pilot user guide available to look at?

Yes! Please click here to view the current version of the Connected PIlot Pilot's Guide Supplement [pdf].

What are the equipment requirements for Connected Pilot?

Connected Pilot encompasses hardware, software and application elements.

Connected Pilot can be integrated with the popular Aspen Evolution 1500, 2000, or 2500 flight display systems.

Connected Pilot requires an Aspen Evolution Multi-function Flight Display (500 MFD or 1000 MFD) in order to display the pilot acknowledgement commands for data synchronization without disrupting the primary flight instrument view on your Aspen PFD.

Currently Connected Pilot can enter and synchronize flight plans between Garmin GNS 400W/500W series navigators* and Connected Panel Enabled flight planning apps.

Connected Pilot customers will need to supply an iPad (iOS 4.3 or later).

Connected Panel Enabled applications, such as ForeFlight, are available via the iTunes store.

*GNS 400W/500W series navigators includes: GPS 400W, GNC 420W, GNC 420AW, GNS 430W, GNS 430AW, GNS 530W, GNS 530AW, and the GPS 500W. The GNS480 is not currently part of the compatible series.

What is the current list of "compatible navigators"?

Currently Connected Pilot can enter and synchronize flight plans between Garmin GNS 400W/500W series navigators.

GNS 400W/500W series navigators includes: GPS 400W, GNC 420W, GNC 420AW, GNS 430W, GNS 430AW, GNS 530W, GNS 530AW, and the GPS 500W.

The GNS480 is not currently part of the compatible series.

What does Connected Panel do for me?

Good question! Connected Panel leverages the increased use of mobile devices as a flight support tool and opens the door to an exciting new level of avionics technology. While Aspen has created the hardware and software environment to make the integration between smart devices and certified avionics work, it’s the Connected Panel Enabled development partners who really bring this product to life.

It will be new certified avionics hardware and mobile applications that will continue to increase functionality and integration capability for you as a Connected Pilot user, thereby helping guarantee your investment in your aircraft’s panel. The best uses of Connected technology will be as surprising as they are powerful!

Connected Pilot is much more than a single-point solution. It introduces synchronized, two-way communication between your mobile device and your aircraft’s certified avionics. Just like Aspen’s flagship Evolution Flight Display product line, Connected is also expandable, and can grow in functionality over time as new Connected products are developed.

Safety and Redundancy

Connected enables new and easier ways for pilots to interact with panel-mount systems. By enabling data exchange between certified and portable electronics, new possibilities, functionality, and levels of safety will be brought to general aviation. As PIC you are responsible for being informed about all aspects of your flight, so why not make this data compilation as easy as possible? Mobile devices allow easy, intuitive (electronic) access to flight information; thereby reducing the stress of managing all the information needed for a flight, especially in single pilot IFR operations.

Affordable solutions

Integrate the mobile device you already use. Off-the- shelf GPS technology built into your mobile device can act as a backup reference to position. No need to invest in expensive limited-use portable devices when you have all the tools you need right on your mobile device.

Streamline flight activities

You already use your mobile device for flight planning and checking the weather. Connected Panel™ allows you to load up that flight plan right from your mobile device. No more annoying twisting and pushing of buttons! Just a simple to use interface, such as ForeFlight, that gets you in the air more quickly.

How much does Connected Pilot cost?

The installation kit retails for $2499 (US) and is available via our network of Aspen authorized dealers. The installation kit includes the CG100 Connected Gateway hardware. Contact your dealer for specific installation pricing for your aircraft.

When can I buy Connected Pilot?

Connected Pilot has received FAA STC approval and is available for purchase now. Contact your Aspen authorized dealer for ordering and installation details.

Is Connected Pilot available for my aircraft?

The FAA certification of Connected Pilot leverages Aspen's existing Approved Model List (AML). Visit the Approvals page on our main Aspen website to view the current AML.

Any aircraft currently eligible to have the Evolution Flight Display system installed are eligible for Connected Pilot.

What kind of wireless connection does the CG100 Connected Gateway have?

The CG100 Connected Gateway hardware has a small WiFi antenna that allows wireless connectivity from the CG100 to your iOS device. The initial configuration process allows you to set up a secure, password protected network.

Information regarding Connected Panel databases.

Installing an updated Gamin database prior to updating the CG100 database will trigger a “Database incompatible” message on the MFD Gateway VIEW. The following procedure will prevent the Database incompatible message from occurring.

Before installing new Garmin database updates:

  • Wait for the automatic “Updates Available” email notification from your Connected Panel account. (The Connected Panel updates are available approximately 3 days after the Garmin updates are released and several days before the old database expires.)
  • Download the Connected Panel updates onto your mobile device (iPad) and push the updates to the CG100. (Refer to your Connected Pilot Pilot’s Guide Supplement.)
  • After updating the CG100, install the new updates for your Garmin 400W/500W series navigator(s).

Updating your Garmin navigator(s) after updating your CG100 will properly synchronize both the Garmin and the CG100 databases.

Please note that your Connected Pilot system is still operational whenever the “Database incompatible” message is presented, however the normal waypoint validation process will not occur until the databases are updated to the same cycle.

When the databases are out of sync, the flight plan waypoints are presented as user defined waypoints (indicated by a ‘+’ symbol appended to the waypoint name).

Please contact Aspen Avionics if you need any further assistance.

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