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Aspen Avionics and ForeFlight Announce ForeFlight Mobile 4.1 Support for Connected Panelâ„¢

August 31, 2011

Recent software release is ready for panel integration

Albuquerque, NM, August 31, 2011: Aspen Avionics and ForeFlight announced today that ForeFlight Mobile 4.1 currently includes support for Aspen’s Connected Panel™ technology, which is scheduled for release by the end of the year. With ForeFlight Mobile 4.1, pilots will be able to wirelessly tune radios and submit and retrieve flight plans utilizing the Aspen Connected Panel™ communication network.

“A key pursuit of ours since founding ForeFlight is continuously improving pilot productivity and workflow, removing steps from processes like preflight research, flight planning, and instrument procedure chart management,” says Tyson Weihs, Managing Director of ForeFlight. “Until today, however, no mechanism existed that would allow an iPad to communicate with avionics, which limited the workflow efficiencies a pilot could gain by utilizing the iPad as an interface to the panel. ForeFlight Mobile 4.1 and the Aspen Connected Panel demonstrate what is now possible, and we are excited about what this step forward means for the future.”

With ForeFlight Mobile 4.1, a pilot with a Connected Panel™-equipped aircraft is able to tune standby radio frequencies, submit flight plans to the panel, and retrieve active flight plan information loaded in the aircraft’s GPS navigator for display and editing within ForeFlight Mobile. A pilot can also view a status screen within ForeFlight Mobile that shows what capabilities within the aircraft can interact with the app.

“ForeFlight worked early on with Aspen during Connected Panel’s development to provide input into the framework for this new technology,” says Brad Hayden, Aspen’s Vice President of Marketing. “It’s fitting that ForeFlight is the first Connected Panel partner to bring to market a version of its product that leverages this innovative platform.”

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